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Lozano & Barbuti Gallery

Welcome to the web site of Lozano & Barbuti Gallery, located at 313 Royal Street in between Bienville and Conti and front to Caliche & Pao Gallery in the heart of the historic French Quarter.

The Lozano & Barbuti Gallery is a Caliche's & Pao's Owned Gallery which feature Lozano's, Villa's, Lorenti's, Ortiz's, Martinez's, Zabel's, Silas's, Don Kettleborough's, Caliche's & Pao's Fine Art Works, and Joseph's sculptures, we also offer fine art glass works.

Our hours are

Sun - Thurs   10 - 6pm

Friday              10 - 8pm

Saturday         10 - 8pm

Gallery Ph: 504-581-2428

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