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Ivan Villa, born in 1955 in the Antioquian region of Colombia, is a prolific naturalist painter who works primarily with oil on canvas. Much of his work focuses on the beauty and traditions of his homeland, incorporating everyday objects into stunning still lifes and composing serene landscapes. 


Villa is a self-taught artist who began drawing at age 14 and later studied under such notable instructors as Venezuelan artist Ivan Belsky. Originally drawn to the fast-paced world of advertising, he gained recognition as an illustrator and began selling his work. His first exhibition “Pencil and Paper” was held at a gallery in Merida, Venezuela in 1981.


With master techniques honed from years of practice, his realistic interpretation of traditional elements, colonial scenes, and equestrian compositions create a stunning dossier. His soft brush work adeptly captures the musculature and definition of an Arabian stallion, while expertly defining a horse’s coat and mane with fine details. He injects personality into his subjects while retaining a tranquil color palette reminiscent of the rural South American landscape. Villa is at times mystified by the sheer power and elegance of the horses, describing his creative process as “more than a passion... it’s a challenge.”


Spanning over two decades, his work as a professional artist has brought him recognition in over 40 solo and 30 group shows in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama. Exhibiting at Lozano & Barbuti Gallery since late 2015, his first appearance in the United States has been received with great fanfare.

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