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Born in Bogota Colombia in 1967, Ricardo Lozano is a self-taught artist who immigrated to the United States in 1999, settling in New Orleans.  It was in the nineties when he started to focus on expressing human emotions of passion, love and suffering evoked through jazz.  


Lozano possesses two styles; the first one focusing on the silhouette of the lone musician or an entire jazz band who play late into the night in an expressionistic style.  These pieces possess a silence within them that is only broke up by the sound of a trombone or saxophone.

His second style is more psychological, with a much more three dimensional approach, usually set in a smoky New Orleans jazz club charged with a soulful, yet adventurous atmosphere.  Regardless of his chosen style, his work is moody, saturated with color and painted passionately with thick layers oils using either a palette knife or paint brush. 


The art of the first German expressionists including Nolde, Heckel and Kirchner stimulated Lozano’s desire to be an artist himself. Their primary influence is evident in Lozano’s oil paintings with their vigorous brushwork and expressive choice of colors.  Eventually his color inspiration and application technique moved towards the later expressionistic style, sometime touching on abstract expressionism and color field painting.  One thing however is certain; Lozano’s inspiration of his subject matter is always New Orleans, a city he fiercely fell in love with at first sight 22 years ago.



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