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New Orleans Artist Becky Fos has forever been a visual person.  Drawn to bright colors and sparkly objects ever since she was first introduced to art and its endless possibilities as a young child, Fos earned the pet name “The Crow” from her mother due to her insatiable attraction to all things glittering.  Fos, whether doodling on loose-leaf paper in primary school or painting on her bedroom was a teen, has always possessed that unshakable streak of burning creativity that lurks in the backbone of an artist. 


After the Texas-born Fos migrated to New Orleans in 2002 from her hometown of Austin, she continued to paint, and later shared her art with others who took immediate notice of her undeniable talent and her vibrant, lively work.  Fos’ reputation and admiration as an artist catapulted in lightning speed.  From iconic landmarks ad myriad creatures from fin to feather, to eclectic musicians and madcap geniuses, no matter the subject matter, Fos interprets all and adds a dose of charm, a ton of flair and a flash of edge to her heartfelt paintings.  Her art always results in a charismatic reflection of the bold energy and exuberant spirit that naturally emanates from the pores of all that is the lifeblood of New Orleans. 


Fos’ process is organic, visceral and texturally profound.  She has a penchant for working with oils, guided by her trusty palette knife, and often gets down and dirty with her fingers in order to suit her particular method of painting to encapsulate the emotion se strives to evoke in her one-of-a-kind pieces.  Fos has been invited on multiple occasions to participate in popular festivals throughout the city, ad also to display her creations in a notable haunts all over New Orleans, including filling the famous chalkboards of Chef John Besh’s famed restaurant Borgne with her signature art.

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