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Rene Ortiz Ruiz


The career of René Ortiz Ruiz, has been linked to a long and varied experimentation. He began his career as a figurative painter. The color becomes more and more important in his work and we see this in his present stage, where the color is the soul of his paintings, color that permanently express so strongly in his creative work.

He began his career at an early self-taught phase; he then studied mechanical engineering which led him to be a university professor, his other great passion which served for many years in his country (Colombia). He contributed towards the creation of the Industrial Design and Fine Arts career at the university where he taught for more than twenty years teaching classes in design, color theory, oil and acrylic on canvas, stained glass, ceramics, and sculpture.

 He has painted murals, made sculptures and was an exclusive artist for the “Creative Art Gallery” in Bogotá, Colombia and “Quadro” Gallery in Bucaramanga,      Colombia.

 His works is part of important collections in Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Panamá, Venezuela and the United States.


His current artwork takes any object as the theme like a guitar, banjo, piano, bike, etc. but very remotely reflected. That is only the pretext to create a symphony of colors, achieving masterpieces where the colors are really the main protagonists of the artwork.


Born in Bucaramanga, Colombia (South América)


2016- Lozano & Barbuti Gallery, New Orleans, LA.
2013 - Institute of Hispanic Culture, Houston, Texas.

2011 - Institute of Hispanic Culture, Houston, Texas.
2011 - Institute of Hispanic Culture, Houston, Texas.

2010 - Institute of Hispanic Culture, Houston, Texas.

2008 - Houston Community College, Katy, Texas.

2008 - Institute of Hispanic Culture, Houston, Texas.

2007 - Institute of Hispanic Culture, Houston, Texas.

2006 - Consulate of Colombia. Houston, Texas.

2006 - Institute of Hispanic Culture, Houston, Texas.

2004 - “Urdimbre y trama” Chamber of Commerce, Colombia.

2004 - Reflections Times, Version II, El Laguito Club, Colombia.

2003- Memories, Colombia-Venezuela Alternative Spaces, Colombia.

2002 - XIX International Festival of Piano, Bucaramanga, Colombia.

2001 - Wisso International Auction, Panamá.

2001 -”Unicentro 25 anos” Bogotá, Colombia.

2000 - Hotel Dan Carlton.  Bucaramanga, Colombia.

1997 - Artists Hall. Bucaramanga, Colombia.

1991 - University Industrial of Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia.

1990.  Professionals's Club, Bucaramanga, Colombia.

1988 - Café and Art. Faculty of Architecture. UNAM, México D.F.

1988 - Ceramic Sculpture. Academy of San Carlos. México D.F.

1988 - Ceramic Sculpture Academy of San Carlos, México DF.

1988 - Cultural Spaces of Cuernavaca, Morelos, México.

1988 - Spaces Gallery Oaxaca, México.

1988 - Enamel on metal Academy of San Carlos, México D.F.

1987 - Expression, Academy of San Carlos, México DF, México.

1986 - Mexican Art Gallery, México.

1983 – Tabares Gallery.    Medellín, Colombia.

1982 - San Lucas Gallery. Bogotá, Colombia.

1981 - Santa Fe Gallery. Bogotá, Colombia.

1980 - III Hall Regional Visuals’ Art Colombia.

1979 - Medical's College Cumana, Venezuela.

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