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About Zabel



Guided by her passion for life and her spirit, Zabel creates vibrant artworks filled with romance and textures in which you will want to project yourself in. She creates magic, captures the moment by infusing emotions into her art.

Using only spatulas, every piece of her story is full of emotions and energy that you can feel and touch. She plays with a strong and vast color palette and creates different ambiances. Her inspiration is never ending… From chic and glamour style using gold and silver, to summer vibes using neon colors, you can feel every trip she took for her art into each new collection.

For several years, the work of Zabel seduced Quebecers from across the province, earning her several awards. Zabel's paintings are now catching the eyes of the collectors all over the world. From New York to Japan, across the USA from California to Miami, and all over Europe… This love story seams to be only the beginning…


« Zabel is a prodigy to pay attention to. Her colorpay and fluidity channels impressionist-era great while paying homage to the Renaissance period via humanity and drama. » – Shannon McD 7HUES MAGAZINE in the Article « COLORS OF A ROMANTIC RENAISSANCE »

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